LifeX Pulse: May

LifeX Apartment Copenhagen

Spring has been busy so far at LifeX, we’ve opened in a new city and welcomed many new members to our community! Catch up on what we've been up to here👇

What's New at LifeX 🚀

LifeX Brussels

LifeX Expands Into A Sixth Country! 

We’re so excited to announce our expansion into Belgium, with four properties in Brussels. 🇧🇪 The land of amazing chocolate, fries, and beer. In addition to their speciality cuisines, Brussels is known as the capital of Europe, brimming with innovation and industry, making it the perfect fit for our concept. Our team was super busy getting the apartments ready for our first Belgian members, but we’re sure they had a chance to enjoy some of Brussels finest brews.🍻 Check out our new properties in Brussels here.


What's Coming Up 👀

Our team is looking forward to a summer full of exciting new developments and we are patiently awaiting the return to a more normal lifestyle🤞Here are a few things we're fired up about: 

  • In-person community events, in many of our cities, small gatherings are becoming possible again. We can't wait to get together safely with our community! 

  • Welcoming more new members, as restrictions ease, it's becoming easier for people to move once again. With safety precautions in place, we're happy to grow our community and fill our new homes.

  • Opening more apartments, our real estate team has some exciting deals in the works so stay tuned!

  • LifeX Co-founder, Ritu, will be speaking on a panel at the Co-liv Summit on May 5th. There will be many great leaders from the coliving industry speaking at this two-day event - our team is looking forward to attending.

New Apartment Openings 🏢🏡

LifeX opened four new properties last month! Our new coliving apartments are all located in Brussels - check out our quick overview below or read more about them here

LifeX Brussels

Apartment name: Stephanie
Located: Saint Gilles, Brussels 
Size: 112 sqm
Rooms: Three private rooms for rent
Cool feature: Large wrap around balcony! 
See more info & photos

LifeX Brussels

Apartment name: Louise
Located: Saint Gilles, Brussels 
Size: 119 sqm
Rooms: Three private rooms for rent
Cool feature: Big shared terrace! 
See more info & photos

LifeX Brussels

Apartment name: Audrey
Located: Quartier Nord, Brussels 
Size: 55 sqm
Rooms: Two private rooms for rent
Cool feature: Access to Gym & Coworking space 
See more info & photos
Apartment name: Maxim
Located: Quartier Nord, Brussels 
Size: 107 sqm
Rooms: Three private rooms for rent
Cool feature: Access to Gym & Coworking space 
See more info & photos

Monthly Deep Dive: LifeX Membership App 📲

LifeX Membership app

All LifeX members have access to our Membership app. After signing a contract, they download our app to coordinate their key pick-up and to learn more about their new home and housemates! After moving in, the app serves a continuous purpose to members - it’s a community hub, maintenance reporting tool, and a one-stop-shop for membership management. Our tech team has been working hard these past few months to expand the community features in the app. We’re happy to share that members can now use the app to create community events, find other members with similar interests, and chat with their housemates. We’re always rolling out new app features to increase the utility to our members and make our community stronger, even in times where we can’t meet in person!

Member Spotlight: Meet Sonia! 🙍‍♀️
LifeX Member

Sonia is an adventurous Business Coordinator living in Copenhagen. She comes from the beautiful state of Himachal, in the northern part of India. It's also known as 'Land of Snow' with majestic mountains and lush green forests. So adjusting to the weather in Copenhagen probably wasn't so difficult for her, but we guess she might be missing the mountains! Sonia has lived in Copenhagen for five years now and before that was living in the UK and Germany. She lives a very international lifestyle and brings a great global perspective to the community. We're so happy to have her as a part of our LifeX community in Copenhagen! Read more

Employee Spotlight: Meet Sascha! 🙍‍♀️

LifeX Community Manager Sascha

Sascha is our Community Manager here at LifeX - if you're a member chances are you've met her or chatted with her! Sascha joined the LifeX team in January 2019 and we're so happy to have her! She's half Danish and half Canadian but grew up all over the world. We love the global perspective and positive energy she brings to the team! 💪🌏 

What do you think is the key to a thriving co-living atmosphere in an apartment? 

This may sound a bit boring, but the key is open and clear communication around one’s expectations of coliving, and with this, being prepared to need to make sacrifices to meet your housemates halfway. Once everyone is on the same page; then they can interact and have a fantastic time living together in the atmosphere they built together!

What do you love the most about LifeX?

Geez, that’s a hard one. Everything? No, but seriously, what I love most about LifeX is that we are solving various crucial issues in the world today, with one of those being loneliness. Being able to provide the opportunity to integrate people into a new city and tackle loneliness is a phenomenal mission to be a part of. Not only does LifeX allow members to have a network of people to help them settle in and feel at home, but it also means that all these people are experiencing a constant cultural exchange at their doorstep too - with their housemates and amongst the diverse community of members they are exposed to across LifeX. As a member myself, this is my favourite part - the fact that I am given the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life who share their different perspectives and teach me things I’ve never been exposed to before. I find it boosts my personal growth exponentially.

What is the best way to relax for you? 

I relax most when I’m by or in the ocean. It can mean I’m just sitting on the shore watching the waves roll in, or floating in the water staring into the sky - either way, just being near water in silence or listening to music relaxes me. When not possible - I like to go for runs, particularly around sunset, or more recently - golf! 

What is something that makes every day “worth it” for you? 

The fact that I am fortunate enough to be where I am today. The people I surround myself with, both at work and outside of work, elevate this sense of gratitude. 

What would you say to someone who has lost a bit of motivation in their career?

I am very early in my career, so honestly don’t have the best advice here probably. I think that whenever I lose motivation for something though, I try to remind myself why I started what I’m doing in the first place, and try to find my way back there. I’d also ask myself if there is anything else I would rather or should rather be doing to achieve my goals. If there is, I’d go for that, if there’s not, then I’d think of things that motivated me in the past and try to resurface those things somehow. 

Did you know? 💡

LifeX Apartment Copenhagen

⭐️ Anxiously awaiting the gradual reopening of society? You're not alone, we know how you feel!! We have a few resources that might help you! Check out our top virtual events for May, travel-free international activities, or our Ultimate Work From Home Guide

⭐️ We partner with companies to help house their employees - whether they're new hires or just in the process of moving! If you're looking for a housing solution for your team, or know an HR Manager who needs assistance with employee housing, we can help you out! Reach out to our team here.

⭐️ We have a promotion running at the moment for new members,10% off monthly rent with a 6-month commitment in Copenhagen, London, Munich, and Paris

⭐️ You can always read more about our members and what our community has been up to lately on the community tab of our blog!

Check back next month for another update from the LifeX team!