LifeX Pulse: June

LifeX community event in Berlin

We're gearing up for an exciting summer at LifeX! ☀️ Catch up on what we've been up to here👇

What's New at LifeX 🚀

LifeX Brussels

LifeX Forms New Real Estate Partnerships! 

As mentioned last month, we have expanded our operations to Brussels! A key component of our decision to expand to Belgium was our partnership with Development company, Candor. Candor has a great property portfolio and a forward-thinking approach to real estate so the partnership is a natural fit. Another exciting partnership is happening in Copenhagen, where our real estate team has secured a partnership with a leading pension fund. This deal will be our largest property to date and we will be participating in the design and development. We're excited to share more details as it gets closer to completion! Read more


What's Coming Up 👀

Our team is keeping a close eye on the lifting restrictions across Europe and worldwide. We're happy to see that people are making plans for the next chapter! 💪 Here are a few things we're fired up about: 

  • Welcoming new team members, we're in the process of hiring for several full-time positions and internships. Check out our job postings if you're interested in joining our team.

  • New website and branding, we've got a new look coming out soon! 

  • Meeting up with members, as restrictions ease, we look forward to safe in-person events and meeting up with members both old and new! 

New Apartment Openings 🏢🏡

LifeX Copenhagen City centre

We have a new property in the centre of Copenhagen which will be opening soon! We also have more photos of the apartments we opened up in Brussels last month - check them out here.

Apartment name: Torsten
Located: City Centre, Copenhagen
Size: 218 sqm
Rooms: Six private rooms for rent
Cool feature: Great balcony, spacious kitchen and neighbouring with another LifeX apartment!
Opening: Mid-July (more photos coming soon 😉)


Monthly Deep Dive: Our Home Design Process 🏡

LifeX Rendering

Our team is often asked about how we design and style our homes. We offer family-style coliving in seven cities, so as you can imagine, we work with many different styles of properties. Luckily, we have a kickass design team that knows how to blend the Nordic atmosphere into any home whilst still highlighting the local charms!

The process begins with our real estate team selecting properties that fit our criteria, ensuring there is enough space, light, and many other quality checks. As soon a the property is signed, the design team gets to work. Before we even have the keys, they are developing 3D renderings of the property (see an example of a rendering 👆and an example of the finished space👇). Making sure that the home has a great flow and that everything fits well. They have relationships with top designer furniture companies and know which items work best in certain spaces. Each room in the house is planned out in incredible detail, making sure that all furniture and items are accounted for and that they suit the specific room. Once we have the keys to an apartment, their designs come to life! They would probably be amazing at The Sims 😂.

Lastly, they always check in along the setup process to make sure everything is coming together as planned. Making a final visit before the opening day, straightening the art and adding final touches before the first members arrive. 

deep dive (2)

Member Spotlight: Meet Nina & Loïc! 👩‍❤️‍👨
LifeX Member Profile

Nina and Loïc are a French couple who have been living in Paris for many years. They come from different areas of France and are both nature lovers who enjoy incorporating outdoor activities into their Parisian life. On a typical night out, they love coming together with friends over a good meal and drinks as well as dining out in Paris. As social people, they have been enjoying their in-house community whilst the lockdowns continue. We are so happy to have them as a part of our LifeX community in Paris! Read more

Employee Spotlight: Meet Arthur! 💁‍♂️

Arthur LifeX Employee

Arthur is our lovely City Manager in Paris - if you’re a member with us there you’ve probably met him, he’s always keeping our homes in tip-top shape! He’s a true Parisian, having lived in the city pretty much his whole life. He uses his Parisian expertise to help us find the best homes and create an amazing experience for members. Arthur is a great addition to the LifeX team and everyone always looks forward to visiting with him, in Paris or our other cities! 🇫🇷🥖

What is something that you look forward to every day?

I must admit, that now that I have children, Léa and Charlotte, our adorable twins who are 16 months old, I am waiting for this moment, at the end of the day, after work, when we go to pick them up at the nursery and they start to run towards us with a big smile to jump in our arms (even if they love the nursery).

What motivates you the most at work?

What motivates me the most is very simple, it's when I see the satisfaction of our members.
For me, this is the greatest reward and the assurance of a job well done. I am always pleased to know that they are happy, that they feel good in their LifeX home and that, although they can sometimes be far from their loved ones, in another country, we have managed to give them a feeling of well being.

What’s your favourite spot in Paris?

Haha, it’s a very personal one as probably most Parisians would answer naming a restaurant or a bar. I would say that there is two for me. The first is when I'm cycling through the city and passing the “Pont Alexandre III”. I love to see these monumental columns when I arrive in front. Then I usually stop there for a few minutes to contemplate the view of the city which is superb on either side of the bridge. The second would be “Le Jardin d’Albert Kahn”, an amazing place. Albert Kahn believed in universal peace. To support this, he created a garden made of several scenes combining the styles of each country. And the atmosphere when you are walking in there is so relaxing and peaceful.

What makes you laugh the most?

Once again I would say my daughters. But except for them, what makes me laugh the most is the humour of the situation, when someone around me, a friend or a member of my family puts exactly the right words at the right time, it can make me laugh continuously for a long time.

What do you admire most in the world?

What I admire most in the world is the strength of ordinary people, those that no one talks about, those that no one knows. But who sometimes show incredible strength in overcoming the most difficult situations of life or who simply fight every day to protect and take care of their families.

What is your favourite thing about LifeX?

What I like most about LifeX are the values that are put forward. Even working remotely from most of the team, you can feel such a warm, friendly and caring atmosphere. The values of tolerance, sharing, mutual aid are those of LifeX and are also mine, it's great to be able to work in such conditions.

Did you know? 💡

LifeX Home Living Room

⭐️ We recently participated in the Coliving Awards hosted by Coliving Insights. Check out Coliving Insight's publication for the full overview of projects and participants here!

⭐️ Anxiously awaiting the gradual reopening of society? You're not alone, we know how you feel!! We have a few resources that might help you! Check out our top in-person events in June, virtual events in June, and our Ultimate Work From Home Guide

⭐️ We have a promotion running at the moment for new members,10% off monthly rent with a 6-month commitment in Copenhagen, Munich, and Paris

⭐️ We partner with companies to help house their employees - whether they're new hires or just in the process of moving! If you're looking for a housing solution for your team, or know an HR Manager who needs assistance with employee housing, we can help you out! Reach out to our team here.

⭐️ You can always read more about our members and what our community has been up to lately on the community tab of our blog!

Check back next month for another update from the LifeX team!