LifeX Pulse: July

LifeX Pulse July

Summer is in full swing and we've been busy with new apartments and new teammates! Catch up on what we've been up to here👇

What's New at LifeX 🚀

LifeX Homes in Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich, Paris, and London

Milestones and new apartments! 

The team was going all out in June, we welcomed three amazing new colleagues to the team and secured four new homes! Additionally, we just passed an exciting milestone - LifeX turned four years old! 🎉 We've been reflecting on our growth over the last four years, it's certainly been an exciting ride! Now we're operating in seven cities with hundreds of amazing members and countless memories, and we've still got so much more to do! Big thank you to all the members and the supporters along the way! ❤️ You can read more about how LifeX got started below in the deep dive. 


What's Coming Up 👀

Our team's been feeling extra motivated these last few weeks, with Corona cases getting lower and temperatures getting higher there's lots to be looking forward to! 🌞 Here are a few things we're fired up about: 

  • Three years of LifeX in Berlin, our anniversary is coming up in this amazing city! 

  • Mini team reunion, several LifeX team members from Berlin, Paris, and London will be reuniting in Copenhagen for the first time in over a year!

  • In-person community events are coming up (or already happening) in almost all of our cities - we look forward to some more great reunions. 

  • New website and branding, we've got a new look coming out soon.

  • Four new apartments opening, in Copenhagen and London!
  • Eurocup finals, we're watching closely - our team has 16 nationalities so opinions are divided on who will bring it home! 😉

New Apartment Openings 🏢🏡

Brick Lane LifeX Apartment

Apartment name: Brick Lane
Located: Shoreditch, London 
Size: 135m²
Rooms: Four private rooms for rent.
Cool feature: Every room has a private bathroom.
Opening: July 8th
See more info & photos

LifeX apartment in Christianshavn

Apartment name: Kanal
Located: Christianshavn, Copenhagen 
Rooms: Four private rooms for rent.
Cool feature: Big balcony and famous location.
Opening: July 27th
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LifeX apartment in Copenhagen

Apartment name: Aksel
Located: Frederiksberg, Copenhagen
Rooms: Five private rooms for rent.
Cool feature: Great location and shared backyard. 
Opening: July 20th
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Apartment name: Torsten
Located: Inner City, Copenhagen
Size: 218m²
Rooms: Six private rooms for rent.
Cool feature: Large balcony and a LifeX neighbour. 
Opening: July 27th
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Monthly Deep Dive: How LifeX Got Started 💭

4 year Birthday LifeX - first LifeX apartment

Since we’re celebrating our fourth birthday, it seems fitting to talk about how LifeX got started. As is the case with many innovative startups, it was born out of necessity. The founders of LifeX, Ritu and Sune, were following their careers and moving to Copenhagen from San Francisco. Despite the fact that Sune is Danish, with lots of connections in Copenhagen, the pair struggled to find a suitable apartment. With a few international moves under their belts, they saw a pattern - it’s extremely hard to move and get settled as a young professional. An issue they had heard being discussed countless times by friends, colleagues, and pretty much anyone they knew who had made a big move before.

They were quick to recognise the trends and to develop a solution - which ultimately turned into LifeX! It started off very organically, they rented and furnished a beautiful and spacious apartment in central Copenhagen. Working full-time at their jobs and setting up the home on the evenings and weekends; even camping there at one point before it was ready (see photos of this above)! They told their friends and colleagues that they were looking for housemates and almost immediately the house was full. That’s when they realised they might be onto something bigger than just one apartment! 💡

Of course, lots has happened since then, many new apartments have been opened, new cities entered, and the team has grown a lot. Sune and Ritu no longer need to spend their weekends setting up the apartments! 😂 If you’re interested in reading more about the story of LifeX - check it out here!

Member Spotlight: Meet Kamran! 🙍‍♂️
LifeX Member Kamran

Kamran is from Bangalore, India and has been living in Berlin for two years! Professionally, he is an HR Consultant and has also recently turned his passion for cooking into a small business. Kamran is an amazing home chef - he's even taught our community how to make Chicken Korma (see his recipe here). We're thrilled to have Kamran as a part of our LifeX community and happy that he's sharing his cooking skills with the rest of Berlin! Read more

Employee Spotlight: Meet Jesica! 🙍‍♀️

Employee spotlight: Jesica

Jesica comes from Argentina and lives in Copenhagen. She is a housekeeper at LifeX and has been a valuable part of the team for eight months now. We love having her on the team as she brings a positive vibe to the homes she's working in and in addition to taking great care of our homes, she takes care of our members as well! 💕

What is one thing that always makes you feel at home? 

Sharing a relaxing evening with my husband is at the top of the list. Even if we're doing different things, the feeling of closeness when you live together makes me feel at home. Something else that adds to the homey feeling is grey days. In contrast to most Danes, I love rainy days, something I don't dare say often to avoid frowning faces, but they're quite special to me.

What motivates you the most at work? 

I think that feeling supported and helped by colleagues can be extremely motivating at work, and LifeX does a great job in that sense. They understand where the challenges are in our day-to-day tasks and always provide us with what we need. And as I've said before, interacting with the members is also quite important to me, when I get to know them and learn about their preferences, it helps me improve my job. That always gives a sense of accomplishment and motivation. 

What's your favourite thing about LifeX? 

I really enjoy meeting LifeX members from different countries and having the usual daily small talk. It may not be much, but I think that talking to them and knowing them is part of building a good working atmosphere. 

What is the best gift you have been given? 

Tickets to see 'The Phantom Of The Opera' in London. Without a doubt. I had been talking about this musical for years and of course, my husband realized I loved it, haha, so he gave me the tickets as a present. 

What do you spend most of your free time doing? 

My mood and the weather dictate it, haha. But something I always enjoy doing is reading classics, whether I'm tired or feeling energetic, whether it's pouring rain or sunny. So a good book is always there waiting for me at home. I also like taking small trips to explore my surroundings, there are always new places to visit and different things to see. 

Did you know? 💡

LifeX Apartment Berlin

⭐️ We have a referral program for all members in all of our cities! Refer someone to LifeX and you and your friend get a credit towards rent! 🤑 If you're living in a LifeX apartment, check our newsletter for details about this program. If you have a friend living in a LifeX apartment - ask them about it to learn more! 

⭐️ Looking for fun things to do in Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, or Paris? Check out the event ideas our community has put together! If you're looking for at home activity ideas - check out our Travel-Free International Experiences or our Ultimate Work From Home Guide

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Check back next month for another update from the LifeX team!