Community During Corona & Virtual Festival Recap


Finding and maintaining a sense of community has been challenging for many this past year. Although we’ve all had about a year of practising the ‘new normal’ most people are anticipating having their regular social routines, and lifestyle back. Though it’s been challenging, it’s also been full of lots of learnings and highlights along the way - if you're interested, you can read about how the year was at LifeX here.

Feedback From Our Community

On the community side of things at LifeX, we certainly have learned a lot and shared some great moments together (or virtually together if we still need to distinguish that at this point 😉). We’re of course still learning and have received valuable feedback from our community in a recent survey.

We were so happy to hear that over 90% of responding members felt that co-living with LifeX made the challenges of lockdowns, easier. Over 80% of respondents said that LifeX supported events were an important part of their experience and 60% are looking for even more ways to connect with their housemates. Among the events we’ve been able to host in the last year, in-house activities and virtual events were the favourites. Which has been our main focus point whilst we all await vaccine rollouts and the gradual reopening of society. 🌏

All About The LifeX Virtual Festival 

We recently hosted a free Virtual Festival, our first community event that was open to the public (not just to our members). It ran from Feb 1st - 4th of 2021 and had attendees from all over the world joining for five amazing events. We’ve had some interest from those who were unable to make it, and since many of us are still searching for great at-home activities, we want to help out! If you missed out on attending our virtual festival, you can easily watch some of the events below at your convenience. For the events that are best experienced live, we've provided information about the hosts so you can attend one of their future classes or get some inspiration! 

Enjoy On Your Schedule! 👨‍💻

Indian Cooking Lesson With Kamran 👨‍🍳

Kamran, who’s a food enthusiast and an amazing member of the LifeX community, hosted an exciting session on how to make an amazing Chicken Korma (or veggie). If you missed it, check out his recipe and clips from his class here. This dish is super tasty and with his expert guidance, it's surprisingly straightforward to prepare. Impress your housemates with an amazing dish, the perfect addition to a cosy winter night! Read more about Kamran and his passion for cooking here.

Climate Change Talk With Environmental Expert, Paddy Loughman 🌿

Paddy’s an independent strategist and activist with extensive experience in encouraging organisations to address the climate and ecological emergency. His talk, Facing Change, was insightful, informative, and hopeful. Paddy examines the perilous crisis we must face in stark but human terms, and also considers the solutions we have at hand. He explores how new business and economic ideas offer a future defined by opportunity, not sacrifice. We highly encourage you to watch the talk and read more about the initiatives here.


Get Inspired And Book A Class In The Future 🕺

Coaching and Meditation with Anssi 🧘‍♂️

Anssi led a fascinating session and took all attendees on a journey of self-reflection. He also provided tools and insights for how to incorporate more mindfulness into our daily lives. It was a great way to finish off a workday and also important messaging to hear during the challenging times we’re living in. Anssi is an accomplished writer and speaker, with 16 books published so far - and of course, a valued member of the LifeX community. It was a privilege to attend this session, if you’re interested in learning more about his work, or attending one of his talks in the future, check out his website or connect with him on Instagram

Origami with Ellen 🦢

Ellen ran a delightful origami lesson, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all! She had a lot of options for the class to create and ultimately, she expertly (and patiently 😅) guided the group through creating intricate paper cranes. She also shared lots of knowledge about the history and background of origami. Ellen is an actor, director, artist and all-around creative person, you can check our her website to see the full range of her talents, and book her for events. You can also follow her creative Instagram account. She's a LifeX member alumnus and we’re so happy that she is still involved in our community.

Slow Flow Yoga With Laura 🧘‍♀️

Laura led an amazing slow-flow yoga class which was the perfect way to end the work day and to close off the Virtual Festival! This valued member of the LifeX community is a Copenhagen-based yoga teacher and entrepreneur. Laura’s knowledge and experience in the wellness world is demonstrated in her classes. In addition to her work as a yoga teacher, she runs a business helping creative wellness entrepreneurs to develop and grow their online presence. If you’re interested in attending one of her yoga classes or learning more about her business, check out her website and instagram.  


Looking Forward To The Future Of The LifeX Community 

This is just a small snippet of what's been going on in our community in the last year, and we're looking forward to what's to come! We've learned lots and will be enthusiastically incorporating these new approaches and ideas into our community. If you were able to join our virtual festival, we hope you enjoyed it and, if you missed it, we hope you've now had a chance to catch up on it! Huge thank you to the hosts, for their contributions, and for sharing their expertise with the world 🙌 Thank you to our community for the good memories and the continued support for one another!