Facing Change: Climate Change Talk With Paddy Loughman


As part of the LifeX Virtual Festival in February 2021, special guest Paddy Loughman gave a hopeful and instructive talk on climate change. If you were unable to attend the live event, we've made the recording available to all, and highly recommend watching it here! 

In his talk, 'Facing Change: Can We Grasp The Promise In The Peril?' Paddy examines the perilous crises we must face, in stark but human terms, and considers the promise of solutions at hand. He explores how new business and economic ideas offer a vision of a future defined by opportunity, not sacrifice, if we have the courage to grasp it. 

Watch Facing Change 🌏

Want To Learn More? Check Out These Additional Resources 

If listening to this talk has got you inspired and ready to take action towards a more sustainable future, we've got some great resources for you provided by Paddy. Here are a few great resources that you can look into for guidance if you're wondering what you can do as an individual 💪

  • Count Us In - This organisation is on a mission to inspire people to significantly reduce their carbon footprints and collectively make a big global impact. They have clear steps outlined on their site for steps you can take and an individual to reduce your carbon footprint and help inspire others to do the same! Sign up on their site to join in on their movement and community. 

  • Countdown  - This initiative, lead by TED, is a global movement on a mission to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis. They have a variety of ways to participate from joining discussions to learning about individual actions that can be taken. It's open to everyone, everywhere in the world. Sign up on their site to get involved and learn how to take action on climate change! 

  • Take the JUMP - This grassroots movement is run by volunteers who have outlined six science-backed shifts people can take to help save the planet. You can sign up and 'take the jump' committing to making these six lifestyle shifts, or you can simply learn about them and try to incorporate more earth-friendly behaviours into your daily life.

  • Imagine The Future - This organisation provides a facilitators toolkit (and lots of great resources) to help people get together and brainstorm about becoming more sustainable. With their toolkit, you can gather your friends, colleagues, etc. and imagine the future, in the context of climate change, and develop actions that you can do as a group to improve the climate. 

  • Switch It & Make My Money Matter - These organisations help you have more transparency and awareness on how your money (investments, energy providers, and more) is impacting the world. It's very hard to know how something like your pension is affecting the climate, and they make it easier! These organisation currently targeting the United Kingdom, so if you're living outside the UK try to find similar organisations or start asking questions directly to your bank, power companies, employers and wherever else your money is going.

These resources are a great place to start, and if you're looking for more, check out Paddy's full list here. In this document, you can find tons of great resources, books, articles, and much more. This should certainly help get you on your way towards becoming a climate expert and change maker 💪


About The Host 

Paddy Loughman is an independent strategist and activist. Having spent over a decade as an innovation and brand consultant, most recently as Strategy Director at Wolff Olins, he is now taking various steps to encourage action on the climate and ecological emergency. His particular focus is on the role business can play in transforming our economy. This includes working with the Climate Champions Office in the UK Government and UNFCCC, the Environmental Funders Network, a partnership between the Wellbeing Economy Alliance and Green Economy Coalition, and giving this talk, which is adapted from the talk he gives for Extinction Rebellion. If you would like to contact Paddy, connect with him on Linkedin.

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