Member Spotlight: Meet Swapnil, An Active Software Engineer Living In Berlin

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Meet Swap!

Swapnil (or Swap as his friends call him) has been living in Berlin for over two years after moving from Bangalore, India. Swap is an adventurous traveller and curious person who loves to try new activities and find the next best bars and cafes. Professionally, he is a Senior Software Engineer who works building technology. We’re so lucky to have him as a part of our LifeX community!

LifeX home in Berlin

What’s your favourite thing about living in Berlin?

The public transportation, the late night unlocked city, the summer vibe, the young crowd, the huge number of activities available, the socialising aspect and of course the parties!

What’s your favourite thing about living with LifeX?

First of all, the lovely staff who have been quite fun whenever we have our get togethers, and are quite quick in supporting and helping out whenever needed. And apart from that, the service and facilities provided are very nice.

LifeX Home in Berlin

Do you miss anything about your home country?

Experiencing different parts of the world and cultures brings in a lot of perspective. After coming here, firstly, I realised the value of the sun that we always took for granted.Then I also miss the amazing chaos and liveliness, the animals, the delicious food in every street and every corner, the comfort of understanding your own language and last but not the least the lack of so much german bureaucracy 😉

What’s your profession and what is your favourite thing about your career?

I’m a Software Engineer with a graduate in Chemical Engineering and masters of Maths. I love how there are so many amazing problems to solve and it can all be done using the same keyboard that we all use to type. 

What will we catch you doing on the weekend?

Sleep after an exhausting week! Or if I manage to wake up I would make a good cup of cappuccino using my own setup and hacks :) And also my favourite egg breakfast with some great Turkish breads.Then usually I might sleep again, and if I am awake, I would catch up with family and friends online and then usually go out and socialize with people, especially with the huge number of parks and lakes in the vicinity. Being a curious person, I also try to explore new bars and food places, and try out new sports, one of the activities was standup paddling and pushing my friend in the lake.

Preparing a meal at a LifeX home

Do you have a favourite festival or celebration?

Last favourite I remember is Kultur der Karneval Berlin (pictured below), I danced for quite a few hours. And the Christmas market time is pretty good too with all the Glühwein 😉

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Do you have any remote working tips to share?

“Alexa, play Sugar” - Good music and dance to it to start your day. Keep moving around (in your home or in the world). Always take some fresh air to refresh yourself and meditate. Eat some tasty healthy stuff. Have fun with work. And don’t forget to keep your back straight.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The great Indian Thalis! As pictured below and yes, these are single meals!

Indian Food

Any funny facts about you to share?

I unconsciously whistle while doing things and I won’t remember when you ask the name of the song. I can also hold my breath for 3 mins (not sure if this is fun fact)

Are you learning anything new at the moment? 

Headstands and similar body balancing acts. 

LifeX Community Member

Do you have any pet peeves?

Hypocrites and McDonald lovers. 

What’s your go-to guilty pleasure?

Midnight youtube videos marathon (and the amazing youtube algorithm) and reading amazing comments combined with a bit of dessert.

Anything else about you that I didn’t ask and you’d like to share? 

I can whistle like birds and call animals 😗 And the rest you might find here!

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