Member Spotlight: Meet Mark, An Active Entrepreneur From The UK


Mark is from the United Kingdom and is currently participating in an accelerator program, launching his own Digital Identity Business, Kindana! Mark is passionate about travel, staying active, and is always learning something new. It's no surprise that he's been an active and amazing member of the LifeX community! 


What’s your profession and your favourite thing about your career?

I recently left my job at Barclays Bank to go and build my own digital identity business - - check it out! I love the freedom to do my own thing, and that all the work I put in I’ll see results from and learn from, rather than working for someone else.

Are you learning anything new at the moment?

I’m building a business as part of an Accelerator programme in Stockholm, so learning everyday from brand/marketing to tech and product design. Also learning Swedish and soon ice hockey I hope.


What's your favourite thing about living with LifeX?

I’m biased - but i have the BEST flat mates, we're always doing things together. The apartments and design are just beautiful - minimalist and clean yet stylish.

Where would you spend all your time if you could?

Phuket, Thailand. Warm sunshine, great food, lots of gyms and just being on a motorcycle cruising around :)


What will we catch you doing on the weekend?

I love sport and hiking (as i get older unfortunately the body doesn’t stand up to contact sports so well!). So typically, meditation, yoga, run followed by brunch with flatmates and then out for a hike.

Do you have any remote working tips?

Routine! Plan at the start of each day and stick to it. Plan in times to go walking, exercise, nap etc. Don’t just put it on the “to do” list - actually schedule it and stick to it.


What mystery do you wish you knew the answer to?

How to actually end the climate crisis (i know we know how… but how do we ACTUALLY get people to take real action!?). I’m starting a “Climate Drops” campaign to try and increase the size of our drops in the ocean - so i’d love to get your help and ideas if you’re reading this. 


Funny fact about you:

I used to have both nipples pierced...

What’s your go-to guilty pleasure?

Ask my flatmates…! (and dark chocolate!)

Anything else about you that I didn’t ask and you’d like to share?

I’d always welcome feedback on so get in touch at . Also - seriously do check out LifeX - it’s such a fun place to be :) 

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