Experience New Cultures By Trying Traditional Recipes


At this point in 2020, visiting a store or going to the other side of the city is pretty much what we consider ‘travel’. It’s safe to say that the jet setters among us haven’t been getting their fill this year! Even if you’re not constantly travelling, you’re probably missing it. We all travel for different reasons, whether it’s work, visiting family/friends, or just for some adventure. Wherever you go, you’re always exposed to different experiences and cultures. Something that is very hard to replicate when the prospect of going to the grocery store can be nerve-wracking.

We've created international holiday recipe guides so you can travel without leaving your kitchen!
Download them and start cooking 🥘

Though most of us cannot travel right now, the opportunity to experience other cultures is not gone. Since we have such an international community at LifeX we’ve been brainstorming some ways to experience new cultures while staying safe at home. One of the best pieces of advice we’ve heard for, ‘travelling without leaving your home’ is to make food from other cultures. This allows you to be immersed in the tastes and cuisines of other cultures, in addition to being a delicious and fun activity.


If you’re fortunate enough to live with others from different backgrounds then you’ve probably been sharing new dishes with each other. If you haven’t, we highly suggest making a habit of it - taking turns cooking a meal from your home countries. A great way to kickstart it is by making the first step and ‘hosting’ a dinner party. If you don’t live with others, try it with your friend group by sharing recipes online (until in-person is possible)! Or simply pick a country and find some new recipes to try. Travel the world from the comfort of your kitchen 👨‍🍳

With the holidays approaching, we’ve reached out to our international team to hear about their traditional holiday meals. If you’re interested in making (and eating 😉) traditional Christmas food from Denmark, Germany, Austria, France, or the UK we’ve put together some recipe guides for you! We hope the recipes will inspire you and help you prepare a fun holiday dinner party for your household.

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We hope you will find some time over the holidays to try these out! We will continue collecting and sharing activities that will help you experience other cultures without travelling. We know that nothing can replace being able to travel and see family/friends, but we will keep sharing ideas for how to have new cultural experiences from home. While we hope travelling will be safe soon, it’s always nice to have inspiration for new cultural experiences! 

 In the meantime check out our posts on how to have travel-free international experiences and fun activities that you can do at home.