Member Spotlight: Meet Sri, A Fun Loving Performance Analyst Living In London

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Meet Sri!

Sri has been living in London for three years and comes from the beautiful city of Vizag on the east coast of India. Sri’s interested in all kinds of activities and is always down for exploring and trying new things. Whether it’s a chill game night in or a last minute weekend trip, he’s up for it all! He applies this enthusiasm in all areas in life, including his work as a Performance Analyst for a mobile banking company. Sri is an amazing member of the LifeX community and we’re glad to have him living with us in London.

How long have you lived in LifeX?

I’ve been living at LifeX since June 2020, but I’ve lived in London for over three years. I have a pretty international family at the moment, my parents live in India, and my brother in the USA.

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What’s your favourite thing about London?

That there are so many places to explore like museums, nature, beaches, and also checking out movies regularly (sometimes 3x per week). It’s also nice being so close to Scotland, I love to visit!

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What languages do you speak?

English, Hindi, Telugu (mother tongue), Tamil, Sanskrit, Malayalam, and Kannada.

What will we catch you doing on the weekend?

If I’m alone, watching movies, if I’m with friends I like chatting with them, playing board games and hanging out. I enjoy company and being alone it’s all good for me.

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What’s your favourite festival or celebration?

Halloween, this past year I went all out as Harry Potter complete with wand and robe to my office. It was really fun.

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What are your favourite restaurants in London?

I don’t have a specific restaurant, but I’m vegetarian so anywhere with good vegetarian cuisine is great for me. I’m into lots of different food types, it could be Indian, Greek, I’m into lots of things!

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Do you have any pet peeves?

I don’t really have any, I think that people being who they are and all a bit different make the world a more interesting place, otherwise it would be monotonous.

Any funny facts about you to share?

I have my own Whatsapp Group with just me where I send myself notes and things I’m thinking about, or sometimes I use it to practise if I’m going to be having an important conversation.

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Are you learning anything new?

I always try to be learning at work and treat it like university. Since I have some French speaking housemates now I’m trying to learn French.

Do you have any remote working tips?

Find happiness daily in small ways, it’s like anything, you need to  practise finding happiness in small things everyday and then you will be much happier. Even sharing smiles with people you see on the street can make a big difference.

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